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What to Do with Your Pets in the Spring


Puppy Playing Fetch in the Spring

Photo by fPat Murray / CC BY

To some, Spring is a wonderful time. Winter has finally melted away, the sun has come out and everything is starting to turn a vibrant shade of green. It’s the perfect season to be outside – be it reading, having a picnic or walking the dog.

So, if you are wondering, “What can I do on this beautiful spring day?” we have an answer for you and your pet!

1. Get the Boring Stuff Out of the Way

Even if you don’t have a ton of extra time, spring is a great season to get a “fresh” start on things that are just tedious to do. But the sooner the better!

  • Grooming. Is your dog getting a little shaggy? Take him to the groomers to get him cleaned and groomed – he will come out feeling great and ready for new adventures! Have a cat? Break out the brush and give her a grooming, too.
  • Taking Cat to the Vet in the SpringBug Protection. Especially if you and your pet love the outdoors, it is important to use bug protectants to keep him/her healthy. Spring is also the time bugs start making their appearance – some of them able to cause serious health problems for your pet. If you are unsure of what products to use, don’t hesitate to ask your vet.
  • Renew Your Pet License. It doesn’t sound very fun, but renewing your pet license should be relatively easy. This ensures that your pets’ tags are correct, helping you and your pet reunite safely if something happens.
  • Update Vaccines. This can also seem like a chore, but updated vaccines are important for your pet’s health. While at the park or in a new area, your pet is bound to run into other animals – whether stray or owned. The vaccines will keep your pet safe from any harmful diseases that may be circulating.
  • Spring Cleaning. Is it time to update the worn out dog or cat bed? Or maybe you need to clean out your bunny or hamster’s cage? Take a day or two to de-clutter you and your pet’s stuff. It always feels good to have a freshly cleaned and cleared house or yard.

2. Have Fun

Take advantage of the gorgeous weather and a trusty fuzz-ball of a friend and make some new memories!

  • Playdates. Does your best friend or relative have a pet of their own? Make it a date! Take them to a dog park or on a nice stroll, or have them bring their cat over to play with yours. It’s always amusing to see pets play and bond together.
Pets at the Beach in Spring

Photo by Moyan Brenn / CC-BY

  • Play Games! There are tons of games out there to entertain you and your pet for hours. Here are a few of our favorites:
    • Water hose – some states are just beginning to get a taste of summer. If an afternoon has heated up, turn on the water and play with your pup! He’ll have just as much fun as you. We wouldn’t recommend trying this with your cat, though…
    • Fetch – it’s a classic. Almost any dog would gladly chase after a ball or two for a few hours.
    • New toys – while this isn’t a game per se, give your pet a little treat by buying him a new toy. (And don’t forget to take a picture for Instagram!)
    • Bubbles – dogs and cats alike will enjoy running around in the stream of bubbles.
  • Explore. What is spring without a little adventure? Take the weekend off to go explore new places with your pet!
    • New Parks – try out a new park! Dogs love traveling to new places, meeting new friends, and smelling new smells.
    • Hike – get your exercise on and hike a new trail! Hike with your pet and friends near the evening to catch a great sunset.
    • Camp –itching to get out of town? Camping is a great weekend activity for you and your pet to spend time outdoors.
    • Go to the Beach – some pets (mostly dogs) absolutely love the water. If this is true of your pet, head to a coast and soak in the sunshine and salt water while you can!

There are so many great things you can do this season that would be healthy and fun for your pet. Make a plan today of something you want to accomplish in the spring months!

What is something you and your pet love to do in the spring?




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